Today in the city Chino Valley 21.08.2017
Villa Maïa Is Just The Hotel Lyon Needed

Contemporary and chic, Villa Maïa is a departure from the rest of Lyon’s hotel offerings, and is a welcomed addition to the city.

Steve Cohen is planning to launch a new $20 billion hedge fund — and he might just pull it off

Steve Cohen, founder of now-defunct SAC Capital Advisors, is launching a new hedge fund next year, Institutional Investor reports.

The founder of the Tortilla restaurant chain has launched the 'ultimate events app' to cure FOMO for good

According to Brandon Stephens, the founder of the £25.3 million Tortilla restaurant chain, there's an app for everything — except for events. "When you think of photos, you think of Instagram. When yo...

AP Interview: China to Lead in Organ Transplants by 2020

AP Interview: The chief architect of China's organ transplant program says the country is on track to lead the world in transplant surgeries by 2020.

China to turn all centrally owned giants into joint-stock firms by the end of the year

China will turn all big state-owned companies into limited liability firms or joint-stock firms by the end of 2017.

China’s Maritime Provocations Are Nothing Next To U.S. Adventurism A Century Ago

The message from the U.S. is that China should be more like us. But Americans should be careful what they wish for.

China fires back at US accusations over aerial encounter

BEIJING (AP) — China on Tuesday denied its fighter jet pilots operated dangerously during an encounter with a U.S. surveillance plane in international airspace in which the American pilot took evasive...

China and India are edging closer to a war in Asia that neither can back down from

Buried in the Himalayas in the Siliguri Corridor, also known as the Chicken's neck, Chinese and Indian military forces sit on the respective sides of their vague borders and entrench themselves f...

China to launch unhackable quantum messaging service

China is preparing to launch a communications system that would be impossible to hack. The quantum communication system is set to be used by 200 users from government, finance and military personal in...

Is China reinforcing its border with North Korea?

China is further fortifying its border with North Korea, new reports show, amid continued tensions on the peninsula and concerns over potential US military action against Pyongyang.

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